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A Rash Decision

"Why was I sent to build the castle alone?" the woman asked herself all the way. "The castle is so big. How will I do this? It will take years. And what if I meet enemies? Only a few infantrymen and a siege tower were sent with me for protection. And how will a siege tower help us in construction?"


When they arrived at the site, the woman received answers to her questions in full. The enemy also got what they deserved. Everyone is dead.

Embrace of Death

Honourable Sir and lancer, whose life was barely worth more than his horse - both of their hearts were conquered by a simple peasant woman. Fate was supposed to decide in whose arms the object of their desire would end up in a fair duel.


But the treacherous fate decided that all three would end up in the embrace of death.

Lieutenant Columbo is confused

Lieutenant Columbo had been standing for an hour with his chin in his hand on the ice stained with blood. His cigar no longer smoldered, and his thin coat stopped keeping him warm. "This isn't Los Angeles," Columbo guessed.

Swords, spears, bows, dead bodies in armor. What is this? Is the reenactor tournament out of control or... is he now a Time Traveler!? He pushed the thought away from himself. Now this is not important, what is important is something else - where is the suspect? There has to be a suspect. Always was. But everyone is dead.


For the first time in his career, the Lieutenant did not know where to start.


Ulrich served as a spearman for a very long time. He rose to the rank of detachment captain and knew firsthand how bad things were in the army (nevertheless, he really liked his new armor). The thought of defecting to the enemy has long taken root in his mind. Moreover, sometimes he simply did not understand who was a friend and who was an enemy. But faith and duty were not empty words for him. Something had to be decided. Today he went to a secret meeting with a Monk from the other side. Just a one-on-one conversation.
Ulrich was nervous because the other day he drunkenly blurted out his secret intentions to his friend. "He can't give me up. We've been friends since the first fight!" - Ulrich reassured himself.


He did not know that the Monk, at the last moment, strengthened his faith with a couple of soldiers, just as he did not know about his own secret escort.

Columbo gets a grip

And again swords, bows and corpses in armor in the snow. Again, only the sky is a witness to what happened. It seemed to Columbo that he was beginning to sink into real depression.
Just a second. Who's that over there behind the dead horse?...

An enemy from very distant lands

Roger had been leading his squad through the jungle for several days. During this time, they hadn't encountered a single human. Roger was an experienced tracker, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he was the one being tracked. The nervousness was compounded by the stories of frightened locals at the beginning of their journey. They spoke of the jungle coming to life, of a demon dwelling in the trees. "Nonsense! Primitive natives."


Suddenly, Roger thought he saw someone's glowing eyes in a tree. The gaze seemed to hang in the air. The squad froze. Lightning shot out of the void and struck one of the warriors. Roger could see his warriors standing still, not knowing what to do. He ordered all the archers to shoot in the direction of the trees from which the lightning had come...


Roger himself perhaps did not know how worthy the death of his squad and himself was. After all, the blood of the Demon remained on his spear.

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